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Inical analysis. A non-exhaustive list of topics of interest includes: mesh representations, generation, extraction, visualisation and processing; image-to-mesh pre-processing, conversion, and post-processing; surface representation, extraction, matching, and analysis. Perinatal and paediatric imaging website: submission deadline: june 1st, 2012author's notification: july 1, 2012 - camera ready revised paper: july 30, 2012organizers: m. Murgasova, f. Rousseau, d. Rueckert, j. A. Schnabel, c. Studholme, l. Zã¶llei, g. Gerig we welcome submissions on imaging fetal, neonatal and follow-up paediatric development of different organs using various imaging modalities. Contributions can focus on one of the following: imaging, image analysis, implementation, results, new applications or any other aspects with potential to improve perinatal care and monitoring. Please note that in conjunction with miccai 2012 a neonatal brain segmentation challenge (neobrains12) will also take place. Submissions of papers describing novel algorithms that will be evaluated at neobrains12 are welcome. Prostate mr image segmentation challenge (promise12) website: data availability: april, 19th 2012 (training) - june, 4th 2012 (testing)submission deadline: jun 30, 2012author's notification: july, 6th 2012organizers: a. Madabhushi, h. Huisman, d. Barrat, j. Dowling teams (research groups, companies, etc. ) who are developing a segmentation algorithm can register and download multi-center, multi-vendor training data from the challenge website to train their algorithms. Training data will be made available to registered participants in april with corresponding expert annotations. Test data (without expert annotations) will be made available to participants in june. The segmentation results of the algorithms on the test data can be submitted, including a short paper explaining the algorithm. viagra cheap pills viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale cheap viagra cheap viagra cheap viagra online viagra online viagra for sale viagra online The segmentations will be automatically evaluated against a reference standard. The performance of the algorithm will be automatically computed and used to provide a rank in the results section. At miccai 2012 there will also be a live challenge, where participants will evaluate their algorithms live on new, unseen data. Participants will then vie for the top prize at nice on october 1, 2012 on site. Evaluation of the results will be done on site. Following the completion of the grand challenge competition, promise12 will remain online to allow for participants to download and use the data. Spatiotemporal image analysis for longitudinal and time-series image data (stia'12) website: submission deadline: june 4, 2012author's.




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