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Non elastic


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Como  Seleccionar el  tamaño
en Mujeres : 
1) Medida en Pulgadas o Centimetros del Under bust. 
2) Medida de la /Cintura. 
3) medida de a Cadera. 
Te hacemos el Cinturon Wrap 
que da la forma deseada. 
Adeams si quieres reducir 
o aumentar en determinada
parte solo tienes  que agregar 
una nota en tu Orden. 
Puedes enviar tambien alguna 
foto de la forma deseada
en tu orden Custom. 

Directions for use Cindustria Belt with 
the Cindustria cream:
• Clean the affected area.
• the Cindustria cream is applied to
 the affected area twice daily  (morning and evening).
• Belts Cindustria are designed with  different shapes for 
comfort at closing. Verify that type is what you have:
A) With Velcro closing front side.
B) Velcro closure on the back or side.
C) drawstring on the back.

Cindustria Cream for Women 
# MC2
Belt Closed on Front side # MVF1
Belt Wrap Closed back side with Lace # MLB3 

Waist inches (Cintura /pulg
Contorno (A) Centimetros
Cintura (B) y Cadera (C)

All sizes( todo los tamaños)
Contorno (A) Centimetros
Cintura (B) y Cadera (C)

All have in common the two rods in the back.
 Ensure that the two rods are centralized
 to the sides of the back. And his side
 Belt is made to ensure that the front end
 Care Label this centralized back.
Questions or comments email:;
 call  USA 407-777-0045; USA #407-781-7357
Dom. Rep. # 809-246-1677
 from 7: AM-7 PM
 Monday to Friday 

Information on Cindustria cream:

Active ingredients: coffee 1.5%,
 with the purpose of getting the skin,
 helping against sagging skin after
 the fat Cindustria belt breaks.
 Inactive Ingredients:
 Menthol essential oil,
 isopropyl alcohol,
 Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera,
 Vitamin E.
Cindustria Belts Wrap 
 Product Information:
Cindustria Belts are made of washable 
materials, which can be reused; 
and comfortable use. 
The  Not-elastic belts, these belts 
have the following functions:
1) breaking down fat without the need for 
physical exercise; while resting during
 everyday activities or simply use it for
 as long as possible.
2) Applicator Cindustria wrinkle cream.
The Cindustria products are developed and 
patented  by industrial  engineers with 
extensive experience  in the manufacture 
of underwear.  Its inventor Ing. Luis Valdez 
beginning the  idea based on the 
need to  create a band that
 would replace traditional plaster wrap. 
Since these were very heavy, difficult 
 to sustain  in the body and even
dangerous.  In addition to develop a product
 that could  overcome its results.
 Cindustria Belts  have shown they 
are truly more  efficient than
 Plaster Wrap  which elastic belts; 
and they are also more comfortable
 and safe.


Closed With Velcro Back side # MBB4

and one Cream Free 4Oz.



Waist inches (Cintura /pulg
Contorno (A) Centimetros
Cintura (B) y Cadera (C)





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